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AL-Adba Office for Law & Legal Consultancy in Qatar is a comprehensive legal institution that provides solutions and legal advices to individuals, institutions and agents for others in courts of different degrees of litigation, drafting local and international contracts, mediation and arbitration services, legislative and legal research and other services that require legal representation. All this services are through a qualified and efficient team of experienced consultants.

AL-Adba Office for Law & Legal Consultancy cooperates with several regional and international offices through a partnership that qualifies them to handle issues both in and outside the EU, as well as Arab countries and many other foreign countries.


Leading in the field of providing legal services and legal advices according to the highest standards of quality and efficiency


The performance of all legal acts, legislative consultations, arbitration, legal functions, representation of individuals and entities before the courts in the various degrees of litigation with professionalism and commitment that conforms to best practices globally, ensuring the interests of agents and the rule of law.

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