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Civil Lawsuits

We offer the uttermost legal services for legal issues arising from transactions and civil contracts.

Commercial Lawsuits

Al- Adba offers the top legal consultations for various corporates in Qatar, we strive for the best in the field of commercial law and corporates’ legal cases.

Labour Lawsuits

Part of our specialties is the advocacy in labor cases related to individuals and corporates, and labor law. We, as well, draft employment contracts and educate clients about their rights and duties as both employees or employers.

Administrative Claims

We have a team of the best legal consultants in terms of the legal rules organizing the activity of the executive authority and its management of public utilities and exploitation of public funds. As well as recruitment, promotion, assignment and secondment procedures.

Criminal Lawsuits

We are specialized in advocacy for criminal cases resolved by all criminal courts of all types and standards.

Tenancy Lawsuits

We are specialized in all aspects of the tenancy law whether for residential, commercial, industrial or other purposes.

Family and inheritance Lawsuits

We are specialized in all matters related to marriage, divorce, inheritance and the provisions of each.

Founding Companies

We have extensive knowledge in the establishment and registration of all legal entities such as corporates, institutions and branches of foreign companies. This includes the elaboration of various documents and obtaining the required licenses.

Creation/Drafting of Legal Contracts

We are specialized in creating and drafting the commercial and private contracts, in a manner that will ensure avoiding any legal issues in the future.

Providing Legal Consultations

We provide various legal consultations to our clients, where we have the elite of the legal consultants.


We are experts in all provisions related to arbitration laws and international rules on reconciliation and arbitration, starting from contract drafting stage to conflict resolution.